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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Ticket

It is football season again, and as is normal for this time of the year, ESPN is on all morning counting the minutes to the days games. This morning hearing the theme song jogged some memories of when the Eagle and I lived in New Jersey - pre-wedding, pre-kids, pre-house.

We were both living outside the "TV market" for our football teams, so the games were not regularly on the network channels. This prompted us for three seasons to head to the local TGIFridays to watch NFL Sunday Ticket. We sat across from each other, watching different TVs, rooting for our teams. We also kept close track of all of the games, hoping that our picks would "win" or "cover", as we participated in the Pigskin Pick 'Em with friends across the country.

We would stay for the entire game (yes, before "eat as fast as possible to get out before the kids melt down"). We started with drinks when we sat down - mine was a "Strawberry Shortcake". We ordered appetizers (Sesame Jack Chicken Strips or the Jack Daniels Tower) when the drinks arrived. With 5:00 to go in the half, we ordered our meals - so they would arrive to eat at halftime. As the third quarter wrapped up we would decide if we wanted dessert (Ice Cream Oreo Cookies).

We earned lots of free appetizers with our Fridays gold points card every fall. And, watching all of that football paid off - I won the Pigskin Pick 'Em for two years in a row, the Eagle won the third year (I was second).

Ahhh - the simple life :) Go Bills!

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