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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Name that Object

The Dandilion is so cute sometimes. He is working on talking and has developed his own lingo. He uses the following words to name objects we use on the daily basis. (Hint: we say these words while using the object in question)

Name that Object:
1. Ow (ouch)
2. Che (cheese)
3. Hi

Answers -
1. Ow = brush or comb... the Tumbleweed still makes a pretty big stink about getting her hair done each morning. Anytime the Dandilion gets ahold of a hairbrush, he walks around the house banging it on his head, smiling, saying "Ow. Ow. Ow."

2. Che = camera (although it can also mean cheese)... I guess Mommy takes too many pictures :)

3. Hi = phone... after months of coaxing, the Dandilion says "hi" when you put him on the phone. He also enjoys playing with real or toy phones, holding them to his shoulder or back of his head and saying "hi."

There. Now you will be able to translate (and months from now I will remember this cute little stage).

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