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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Running Group

A new activity for parents of very fast & sneaky toddlers. I went to a particularly challenging one today. Here's what it takes to hold your own running group...

1. Location, Location, Location --- be sure to find a place with many things a toddler should not touch/use. Things such as stairs/steps are my favorites. Toilets are good too.

2. Obstacles --- these are things that can block the view to your toddler, making it easier for the toddler to escape and harder for the parent to catch. People (and lots of them) make good obstacles.

3. Distractions --- something the parent can do while giving the toddler a head start. Talking is a good distraction.

4. Toddler --- child who can move quicker than the speed of light and has no common sense.

5. Parent --- person who wants a good workout and is the person responsible for catching the toddler.

Like I said, I attended a challenging one this morning. We all survived, thankfully, with some help from friends :) Both the Dandilion and Mommy needed a nap afterwards.

*Activity not recommended if you can avoid it!

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