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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A 6 Layout Day

It is not often that I get a chance to scrapbook on a "regular old weekday" but today was an exception. I had Scrapbooking & Playgroup this morning - and managed to get a complete layout done! Sometimes during this group I start a page but don't finish, sometimes I just search through my supplies and don't even try to start a page... but not today. I had spent much of last weekend organizing my scrap space, so I wa able to find what I needed and get my layout done for Tuesday's Page Swap. No last minute cramming this month!

I also got out for the night, to the local scrapbook store, for a 6 hour crop. While I did forget some key components of a few layouts that I intended to work on, I did manage to get 5 more layouts done for my Road Trip album. Now I only have 15 to go, I think. Maybe I can find a little more time this weekend to finish it up? We'll see... I'd really like to be able to call it "finished" before I go to CKC.

While I was at the crop I won a free crop - now I just have to find time to go back :)

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TheRandells said...

I'm jealous. I am heading to my crop weekend I think the same weekend you guys are going to CKC. Right now, I am still planning to go. We'll see how things go with Kaitlyn. But, now I have to find time to get myself organized! Thats' the hardest part!!!!