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Thursday, September 4, 2008

My So-Called Stay-at-home Life

When the need presents itself, I check the box for Stay-at-home Mom. But I am hardly ever at home. I am on the go as much now as I have ever been. I drop off one kid at school, I take the other to swimming lessons. I take the kids to storytime, shopping at Target and spend an hour and a half at walking group all before naptime.

Today was no exception... I took the kids to a Backyardigans movie at the theater, headed to the Y for lunch and the Tumbleweed's Dance class (which was cancelled!) and then took the kids blueberry and raspberry picking. Too much - I thought maybe - but the Tumbleweed was so excited about the berries, I was really glad I added it on. She was so helpful during the picking and behaved really well. A stark contrast to her behavior when the dance class was cancelled :(

Good thing the Dandilion loves "singing" the Backyardigans' song "Go Go Go"!

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