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Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Is it really raining Mommy?"

The Tumbleweed must have asked this a dozen times today. She was hugely disappointed that her first soccer game was cancelled. We were all dressed and halfway to the car when we got the call... and at that moment, it was not raining. Sure it rained a lot before and after, but at the very moment I had to break the news, it was not actually raining. Obviously this was very confusing to the three year old mind. She did have a cute suggestion... "We could all wear our raincoats and boots! Then we won't get wet from the rain!"

Now as a spectator, I was grateful not to have to sit in the rain at the game. But as a mom with nothing else planned for the day and a child moping around the house, I was not so happy. It took a while but I did manage to convince her that we would still have fun, and that she would get to play soccer again very soon.

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Shelly said...

Brooke was really disappointed as well. She can't wait for practice on Friday.