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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Too Quick

Two months ago I reported on the Dandelion's first day of Pre-Pre-school. We found a great toddler program which allowed him to be dropped off for an hour and a half each week for "school". Most of the time was free play, but there was also craft time, snack & story which allowed the kids to experience what preschool will be like - without parents.

The Dandelion did great. All but one or two times he allowed us to leave without incident, and even those times he only cried at the door for a couple of minutes. He never had a bad report from the teacher. He sat for snack and even drank out of a regular cup without spilling. He loved finger painting and came home with messy shirts almost every time. He enjoyed riding the tricycles, jumping on trampolines and playing with Gordon (from Thomas the Tank Engine), in fact we started calling it "Gordon School" every week on our way there.

Sadly, the school, which opened in May, is closing at the end of November. Today was the Dandelion's last class. He has come so far in the past two months, I am disappointed that he won't get to continue. Plus, we will miss our friends at Bounce, especially Miss Dina and Miss Heather.

"I had fun at 'cool"

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