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Sunday, November 1, 2009


The soccer season is finally over. I say "finally", because as the coach's wife and the mother of a toddler who hated being on the sidelines the season was painful. It was mostly painful because the weather didn't cooperate - resulting in numerous canceled or wet practices and 4 of our 8 games were rescheduled or canceled. I spent more time paying attention to the weather from Thursday - Saturday than I ever want to again.

But, aside from all of the "details" the Tumbleweed had a great soccer season. She was on the U6 Pink Team (U6 = kids ages 3 to 6) with lots of her MOMS Club friends (which was nice for me too - I had support on the sidelines when I needed it, and when I wasn't able to go to practice and the Tumbleweed arrived with no coat/mittens, my friends dressed her appropriately!).

This was her third season, and she seems to still really like soccer. This year her ball handling skills seemed to really improve as she was able to take balls away from the other team, and keep them. Towards the end of the season she was working hard at taking shots on goal as well as passing the ball to her teammates. She had several assists and 4-5 goals (I think), but most of all she had a good time.

Here are some shots from the season...

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