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Monday, November 9, 2009

Leaves, Leaves & More Leaves

The yard it full of them. Every year the extent of the leaf removal process seems to take us by surprise. The first year we were here we had to hire a crew in the spring to clear the leaves. Each year has improved a little, and this year I think we have done pretty well. Actually Mike did most of the work with the leaf blower, but the kids and I did get out and help (somewhat) as well.

I was also pleased we were able to get some other weekend chores done (like cleaning out my car!) while the kids played with the BounceBack Racer and rode bikes in the garage. I was really pleased with how well the kids played with other (most of the time), saying "Excuse me" and "Sorry" when they bumped into each other. They were not so happy when garage/outside playtime ended, but I guess that just means they enjoyed it.

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