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Monday, November 2, 2009

New Blog Links & Sesame Street

I wanted to point out that I have added a couple of blog links to my sidebar, if you are interested...

For things going on for families in Massachusetts:
Baystate Parent Magazine Blog
For ways to share science with your preschoolers:
Messy Fingers Blog
For tips on organizing your life:
We Organize You Blog

Then I thought I would treat you to a few fun tidbits from classic Sesame Street - celebrating 40 years this year!.

The Dandelion's current favorite song. If I can ever get him to do it when I have the video camera on, I will share him singing it :)

Another Childhood Favorite of mine.

And one more in honor of the ladybugs that are taking over the house.

OK - if you had fun with those check out "Telephone Rock", "Letter B", "Thinking of U" and "The Alphabet Song"... then try "People in your Neighborhood" for a good laugh at the many hairstyles of Bob. I'm still playing around on YouTube :) Does anyone know if there is a DVD with just the classic Sesame Street stuff (ie - pre-Elmo)?

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