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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Second Coat: Room Redo, Part 2

Do-it-Yourself Lesson #2 - Rushing only makes the process longer

Well, as much as I had hoped that one coat of paint in the Dandelion's room would be enough, I was wrong. It probably would have been enough if I had done a better job the first time, but I was pressed for time and missed a few spots. So this afternoon I had to re-tape everything and put a second coat of paint on the two big walls. This set back the clean up process several hours, but before the Dandelion went to bed tonight we were able to move everything back into his room.

The room looks a little plain right now, but there are many more changes to come. The wallpaper removal and painting part of the project is finally done and that was by far the most disruptive.

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