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Monday, November 23, 2009

Best Laid Plans: Room Redo, Part 1

Do-It-Yourself Lesson #1: Your project will take longer than planned.

Home Depot should have a flashing neon sign at their front door with these words, because it is always true and always a surprise. So as usual we planned out our wallpaper stripping & painting project timeline with lots of cushion.

Plan A (written Friday)

Sat AM-PM: Use steamer to remove wall paper
Sat after dinner: sand rough spots, tape
Sunday, first thing: prime
Sunday, after lunch: paint
Sunday, after dinner: move all furniture back, project completed.

Yup, that seemed good. Plenty of extra time, right? Well, not exactly. Our major flaw was not allowing for time to remove the excess glue. The steamer did a good job taking the wallpaper off, but it still left behind little bits of paper & glue, which took us the entire day Sunday to wash off with vinegar & water.

We also had a little snag when the thermostat in the Dandelion's room stopped working and the heat wouldn't shut off (we think due to the steamer). So in the middle of the project we had to replace the thermostat. Yet another thing we hadn't planned on.

So after a weekend of hard work, the Dandelion's room is still not primed or painted and most of his things are in the living room. Our new goal: to finish before Thanksgiving.

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