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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rochester Sunday

Despite the lack of progress on the Dandelion's room, we all took a break this afternoon for an outing to Abbott's in Needham. This had been the plan for getting the kids some naps (assuming that we had painted and didn't want the Dandelion to nap in paint fumes), as well as treating ourselves for some hard work.

Before we left, I dug out some Rochester shirts for myself and the Tumbleweed because they were doing a promotion where you got a free Turtle if you wore a hometown shirt. Both kids took their much needed naps on the way there (both had been up until 10pm while the Eagle finished stripping the wallpaper and tried to fix the Dandelion's broken thermostat). Actually, the Dandelion slept on the Eagle's shoulder the entire time we were there.

Then we had a few "what was I thinking" moments...

First, I let the Tumbleweed order gum as her topping. She'd never even had gum before, but liked that it was all kinds of bright colors. After we'd gone over the instructions that you chew gum and don't swallow it she said "So, I should stand next to the garbage so I can spit into it?"

Second, we let the Dandelion eat his custard the car. Actually, it was his second dish because the Eagle ate his first one when he wouldn't wake up in Abbott's. Of course as soon as we put him back in the carseat he woke up crying for ice cream.

Third, I didn't take a single picture. Can you imagine?

Anyway, the custard was delicious and I can't wait to eat our free turtles!


Cristin said...

I was under the impression that you were getting a new pet turtle.

Kristin said...

No pets for us! A turtle is an frozen treat (custard with peanuts covered in chocolate).