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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Swingset Egg Hunt

It was so nice to have nice weather for Easter. For the first time, the Easter Bunny left the kids eggs outside. The Eagle had spent the entire day Saturday assembling the new playhouse/swingset. The kids had gotten to slide a few times last night, but the Eagle finished staking it and putting the swings up this morning while I cooked breakfast and the kids played with the new things the Easter Bunny had left in their baskets. Then he hid the eggs.

The kids were so excited to go outside to hunt - and play on the swingset - that they didn't even put up a fight about getting dressed. And once they were outside, I thought they would never come in. Thankfully, the Easter Bunny had taped their eggs shut (so nothing would get lost in the grass or ruined by dirt), so in order to find out what was in them, they had to come inside :)

Then it was off to Nana & Papa's house. I failed in my attempt to get a nice picture of the kids in their Easter clothes, and despite two kids who had meltdowns during dinner and barely ate, we had a good time.

The kids fly mini kites

The kids model their new clothes that Nana and Papa brought back from their travels. Cameron's from Egypt and Daniela's from Kuwait.

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