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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Special Person Day

The Tumbleweed's school held their "Special Person Day" this week. Since she attends every day, she actually had two Special Person Days. The Eagle was away on business so I attended the first and Nana came for the second. Thankfully, I found a friend willing to pick the Dandelion up, take him to her house, and meet us in a parking lot to drop him off or would not have been able to go. A huge thanks to Danielle!

I arrived at school at the designated time with all of the other parents to hear the daily songs and the kids reciting the US presidents. Then everyone went in their own directions to show what they like to do at school. The Tumbleweed did some painting, play-doh & coloring - no surprise there. Finally I convinced her to show me something with the "Montessori Materials". I don't really know what it was called, but she showed me something where she counted sticks :)

The highlight for me though was at the end of class, when they were just about hand out Thank You cards to the guests, that the teacher chose her to stand in the middle of the circle to read the inside of the card to everyone. She didn't hesitate and read the card out loud to a crowded room. This was the perfect way to show how far she has come from the beginning of the school year.

PS - Special Person Day was also Pajama Day, which I was reminded of at playgroup that morning and had to go home to get them! It really was a crazy day.

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Danielle said...

No problem :) I'm glad the special person could be there!!