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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crabs & Creepy Crawlers

Despite being school vacation week, there was a lot of learning to be done this week. It began with letterboxing and ended with planting new gardens around the swingset, but in the middle the kids got to attend some special events to learn about some unusual critters.

On Wednesday, we stopped by the Millbury Library for a special presentation by the New England Aquarium about Tidepools. The Tumbleweed was completely fascinated. She checked out the shark jaws, whale tooth, mussels, and finally hung out at the Spider Crab tank. She was so interested that the Dandelion and I left her there to look for some books. When we came back about 15 minutes later, she was excited to report that she had gotten to hold the Spider Crab "out of the tank!" [the tank had been labled "touch under the water only", but the handlers saw that she was so interested that they let her hold it.] No picture of that though, but she was so proud and made sure to tell me "everyone said I was courageous. Can we get a tank for our house?".

Then on Saturday, before the first soccer game of the season, we stopped at the Tumbleweed's school for a special event called "The Bug Club". There was a guest speaker with all kinds of bugs & critters including roaches, a tarantula, an iguana, a salamander, frogs, scorpions & snakes. The Dandelion repeated his dislike of spiders (not sure where it is coming from, but he says he is "afraid of spiders"), and didn't really want to sit and take part. The Tumbleweed soaked it all in. She said her favorite was the salamander, Spot, until the frogs came out, and then those were her favorites. No surprise there - she held a tree frog two years ago when a similar program came to her other school.

Our adventures with little critters continues next week as Messy Fingers explores Frogs on Tuesday.

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