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Monday, April 12, 2010

Monte's Final Visit: A Peek into our Weekend

Since the school year is drawing to a close (the Tumbleweed's last day is in 6 weeks!), I knew when Monte Bear came home with the Tumbleweed that it would probably be his last visit with us. Well, we showed Monte the time of his life this weekend!

On Saturday morning we were up early and headed to the UMass Memorial Teddy Bear Clinic. I had seen this advertised and thought it sounded like fun - and even more fun now that we had a special visitor. While at the clinic, Monte (and Popple) got weighed & measured, had their blood pressure taken, learned about x-rays and anesthesia, and got glasses. The big excitement, though, was when they got real casts - Monte on his arm and Popple on his horn. I definitely think we will head to the Teddy Bear Clinic again next year!

In the afternoon we took Monte to the Boston Museum of Science, where he learned about dinosaurs, playground science and about his relatives the brown bear. He had to stay in the car during dinner, but I think he needed a nap anyway.

On Sunday, Monte and the Tumbleweed got to learn about honeybees. They were both very brave going right up to the hives and checking out the bees. Monte sure had a lot to tell the "Bumblebee" class at school including the name of the queen bee, Pink, and how it is important to back away slowly if you are scared instead of running away. Thanks to Michele for letting us come over!

In the afternoon, Monte got to watch the Tumbleweed learn how to ride her bike without training wheels! Even I didn't get to witness that first hand. Then it was out to play on the swingset and help me in the garden before dinner.

Monday morning it was time to get ready to go back to school, but not before comforting the Tumbleweed at the doctor to get her booster shots (she had her physical a couple weeks back, but had strep and couldn't get her shots). Then it was off to school for the two of them, where Monte was greeted by a look of surprise from all of the teachers when they saw his cast. The Tumbleweed was once again very excited to show & tell in front of the class.

We will miss you Monte!

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