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Friday, April 2, 2010


Or "clementime", as the Tumbleweed would say.

For some reason, this has been a clementine week. Last week, I checked out the book "Clementine" by Sara Pennypacker from the library. I must admit, I judged it by it's cover initially. Can you guess why?

Several nights ago, I picked it up to read to the Tumbleweed at bedtime. When she heard the name, she said "Oh, we had those for snack at school today. Can we buy them at the grocery store sometime?" After I promised that we would buy some, we settled in to read the book. Turns out, it is a great "out-loud" read. She has really enjoyed it and asks for extra chapters each night. I have also enjoyed reading it to her, especially in comparison to some of the other books she chooses.

I think we will be getting "The Talented Clementine" when we go to the library on Tuesday :) And will be getting another box of clementines at the grocery store, because the Tumbleweed is peeling and eating one every time I turn around and the first box has only 2 left!

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