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Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Hitchhiker

After listening to the Tumbleweed beg & plead to do more letterboxing all weekend, we finally had a chance to go this morning. We had attempted to head over to Purgatory Chasm on Friday afternoon to do a little treasure hunting, only to find that everyone else had the same idea. Okay, maybe they weren't all letterboxing, but every parking lot was filled. This had lead to one heck of a tantrum, so we took a letterboxing break over the weekend.

This morning, we went to the practically empty park and made our way to Charley's Loop in search of a couple of letterboxes. Drat, foiled again. Charley's Loop was chained off? Plan B - back to the car for a different set of clues and off we went.

It was a relatively uneventful hike, with the Tumbleweed leading the way and finding the boxes. The Dandelion brought up the rear, but didn't need much extra coaxing this time - he even inked his own stamp and "stamped in" on his own while the Tumbleweed & I were doing other things one of the times. There were two clues in this set of letterboxes, and in the second box a surprise...

We picked up a "Hitchhiker"! That's a letterbox that travels from box to box. I guess we were meant to take that trail today. The kids & I were super excited to find our first hitchhiker and are looking forward to selecting a good box to send it on its way again.

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