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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friskies & Posh

Around St. Patrick's Day, I let the kids choose Lucky Charms at the grocery store. Recently the box moved to the front of the cereals and the kids have started asking for it. Why is that noteworthy? Well, because the Dandelion keeps asking for "Friskies" not Lucky Charms, cereal, etc. I am not really sure how he knows that it looks like Friskies because we don't have a cat. I have tried to explain that Friskies is for cats, but that has only lead to him asking for "Friskies for boys not cats".

That is not the only strange food request these days. His favorite drink right now is "posh" (said with a long o). This is short for "potion", which the Tumbleweed decided to call the new juice we had (which we highly recommend - Apple & Eve FruitAbles "Apple Harvest"). The Dandelion shortened it and some how it has stuck, now both kids call it "posh".

I love kid-lingo :)

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Michele said...

I love Friskies!! We call cat food crunchies and my kids will talk about some snack foods as kid crunchies!
Too funny!