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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunny Days

This week the kids & I had the opportunity to attend "Sesame Street Live! on Stage" (The Tumbleweed's words) with our MOMS Club friends. The kids were excited about going, but I was a little nervous to take them both to a show by myself.

Fortunately, the Tumbleweed was content to sit in her seat next to her friends and drink a $5 icee with a purple straw for most of the show. The Dandelion, however, did not want to sit. He sat for about the first 3 minutes in anticipation of seeing Elmo, but once Elmo appeared he was ready to move around. Despite my holding him or chasing him, he still enjoyed the show and did point out his favorite characters (Elmo, Cookie Monster & Grover).

The Tumbleweed and her friends all had a great time at the morning show, before heading straight to school for the afternoon. She was so excited to tell her classmates. I am guessing that this is the tail end of thinking Sesame Street is "cool". Taking her to weekday morning shows, classes and activities is also coming to an end, as she will be in school all day next year. Glad we had the chance to go before she is too old!

We were lucky enough to have floor seats, so the kids were able to dance with their friends in the aisle and even got to hug some characters as they came around. The show wasn't really too loud, the Dandelion decided he didn't want to listen to me anymore and covered his ears - LOL.

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