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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Accomplish It 2010

Another year begins and New Year's resolutions are everywhere. For years I have sat down the first weekend of the month and made my "Ultimate To Do List" for the year. As I look back on past years lists it is interesting to see how some things seem to be on the list every year and some things are not, either because they were accomplished or priorities have changed.

A couple of big ones on the 2009 list that I accomplished were...

~make time to exercise on a regular basis (I must say I lapsed on this one around Sept, but I did lose 15 lbs this year)
~teach scrapbooking classes
~live more "green" - planted a garden, joined a CSA, went to the farmer's market
~go on a vacation without kids

A couple that will go back on the list in 2010...

~organize papers, mail, filing, etc better
~use internet banking more
~get more rest
~send Christmas cards out on time

Even though my 2009 list was a mile long and no where close to everything was completed (some not even attempted), I do like to look back at it. It helps define who I was at the time that I wrote it. It also motivates me to do more in 2010, which is why I have decided that my motto for this year is "Accomplish it".

I plan to work hard this year to accomplish the things that I have been meaning to for years, the new things that I want to try this year, and all the things that I haven't even thought of yet that come up through out the year. From the little things, like getting out the door smoothly in the morning, to the bigger things, like organizing the basement.

Off to make my 2010 list!


AmyR0618 said...

Good luck! I am in the throws of paperwork over here....trying to declutter some of my files...ugh...I hate this part of the new year. But, hoping to implement a new system that will save me time next year...we'll see how it works :-)

Kristin said...

Papers (filing, mail, scrapbooking) are the worst to organize. Every year I make an attempt to get a handle on things and when I look back and think "what was the point, it is still a mess?" I remind myself what it would look like if I hadn't done anything all these years. We would have paper spilling out the windows!

Cristin said...

Isn't it aweful. Each year I start with the envelopes for the receipts and by 12/31, I have a huge totes of all receipts.
What to keep & what to toss make it a nightmare.
I keep all the medical bills that I had to pay out of pocket because they have resent me the bill before and then you have to prove you paid it and the list goes on.