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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Time

The Tumbleweed has been asking for quite a while now if she could take ice skating lessons so, with the Winter Olympics approaching, we signed the kids up for skating lessons. Both kids were very excited and could hardly stop talking about going. It was practically torture to have to wait until after lunch to leave for the rink.

We made it to the rink and it was clear that we were not the only ones who had this idea. There were over 100 people in various groups of skating lessons at the same time. We managed to get the kids ready amidst the chaos and got them out on the ice with their groups - the Dandelion with the Pre-tots (Green) and the Tumbleweed with the Tot 1 (Orange).

They both did really well. The Tumbleweed took the lead in her group after a short time, staying right near the teacher eagerly obeying. Although most of the movements were basic forward steps, I saw her manage to turn in a circle a couple times while she was waiting for the other kids to catch up. She looked like she was having a blast the whole time. I didn't see her fall, but I also had my eyes & camera on another group as well :)

The Dandelion was the smallest of the youngest group (and probably the youngest, considering he just barely made the age cut-off). His group all started by sitting on the ice, and trying to stand up. He did that like a champ and found himself standing on the ice with no idea what to do in a matter of seconds. He managed a couple of steps before being taken down by another kid trying not to fall. He was not too happy about that! Through out the lesson he was up & down several more times and managed to go about 4 feet without assistance. He was definitely done after 20 minutes - which worked out well because the lesson was 20 minutes with 10 minutes of free skating after.

The Tumbleweed wanted to keep skating so the Eagle put some skates on for the public skating session after the lesson. They went around numerous times, and even took the Dandelion out for a bit, but we only stayed for about a half hour.

Skating took a lot out of the kids, as they both fell asleep in the car on the way home. I think that was my favorite part :)

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