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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Decision Time, Again

When you have preschool aged children the months of January & February are spent planning for school in the fall. Is my child happy at their current school? Is the school that my oldest liked going to be good for my youngest? How many days should we send them? Morning or afternoon? and so on.

It has been two years since the Tumbleweed first started preschool. She attended one school, that we really liked, for the first year and a half. This year she is attending a different school, which she also really likes. So despite having been through the decision-making process before, we still have some decisions to make about where to send the Dandelion.

On Thursday we did a short tour of one of the classrooms at the Tumbleweed's first school. He had a cute little conversation with the director in the office, asking her if he could bring his cars to school. After we explained that he couldn't do that, he gleefully said he would bring his Cars school bag. She asked him what he wanted to do at school, and he said "computer".

The Dandelion was so excited to play in the classroom. He headed straight for the computer, which wasn't on, but he played with the keyboard for several minutes before checking out some other areas in the classroom. Oddly, the next thing he stopped at was the painting easel. He has never had as much interest in art projects as his sister, but on this day he stopped and picked up both brushes and painted with both hands. This reminded me so much of the Tumbleweed, who spent her first 5 months of preschool there painting numerous paintings every day. The Dandelion seemed very comfortable there.

We have still have some deciding to do, but whatever we decide it is hard to believe that I will have a couple mornings with 2 kids in school this fall.


AmyR0618 said...

We too are starting this process....AGAIN....I'm still not sure where to start. We are probably going to have to put Katie in full days Tues & Thurs...does the gymnastics school offer full days?

Kristin said...

yes they do --- The info packet I just picked up says they are there from 7:30-6:00