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Thursday, January 14, 2010

In the Gym

This week the Dandelion started his new gymnastics class. He has been begging to go in the gym since the gym show in June, but due to the Tumbleweed's practice times (afterschool, when there is no Parent/Child class) we have not been able to fit a class in. But now that he is 2.5 he can move into the "Parent & Tot" level, which has a class in the afternoon while the Tumbleweed is in school. He was so excited!

He was so excited to go in the pit that he didn't really want to stay with the class during the warm up, but once the warm up was over, he did a great job staying with the class. Such an improvement from all the chasing I had to do last year. He smiled and laughed for most of the class. It was so great to see.

The Tumbleweed is also enjoying gymnastics these days and has made a lot of progress since starting Level 1 this summer. She seems to be a strong vaulter, has good balance on beam (although loses concentration from time to time), and has greatly improved her strength on bars and can do her pullover alone consistently. She loves going and has become good friends with several of the girls. Her favorite part of most practices is the warm-up, because the Levels 1-3 teams all do a plyometrics circuit together and she really enjoys practicing with "the big girls" (I think the oldest is 7 - LOL).

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