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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monte Returns

Yesterday when I picked up the Tumbleweed at school, she had a stow away. Monte Bear, the school's take-home pet, was joining us for the next day. As is usually the case, we were immediately off to an afterschool activity.

We started by playing the NAZ, where Monte got to enjoy "the dark slide", which, by the way, the Dandelion can now climb up to by himself!

Then the Tumbleweed was off to craft time, where they did projects about Martin Luther King, Jr. I didn't hear what Monte said when he first saw pictures of MLK, but when asked who it was a picture of the Tumbleweed answered "Barack Obama" (as did most of the kids there).

After the long afternoon, the kids & Monte put on their pajamas & went to bed. In the morning, I gave the Tumbleweed a paper to draw a picture of herself & Monte and to write what he had done during his visit. Knowing that we were off to a pajama party, under her picture she wrote "I am gowin to a pjama parte" before I came in to help her. I was quite impressed!

The Pajama Party was lots of fun, with several girls from the Tumbleweed's soccer team scurrying around playing fairies & Sleeping Beauty together. I think everyone would have preferred to stay a little longer, but we had to rush off to school so the Tumbleweed & Monte wouldn't be late. Phew!

Here's a flashback to Monte's First Visit

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