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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Do you ever feel like some days are more aggravating than others? Why is it that the day the kids decide to act up is also the day that it is too snowy to drive to playgroup and the day that their favorite DVD doesn't work?

I suppose it is that "When it rains, it pours" theory.

I am having one of those days. Things looked pretty good this morning - I got the craft prepared for our afternoon playgroup, gathered the books to return to the library, took meat out to thaw for dinner, all while a light snow started to fall. We went to pick up contact paper on our way to the library - an exercise in patience itself - and the kids had a good time. We headed home for lunch, amidst increasing snow. We were on our road before it became clear that the conditions were declining. After barely making the turn into our driveway, I was pretty sure that we were not going back out unless the roads were treated.

That was a difficult announcement to make. The Tumbleweed was super excited to be able to attend her brother's playgroup, as today is a teacher work-day at her school. She was even more excited when she saw the craft I planned. There were tears. She even offered to go "shovel the road or use salt". But it wasn't meant to be.

Things went down hill from there... The Tumbleweed closed her little brother's hand in her bedroom door, he's crying. Then she is crying because I am putting ice on it and won't let her kiss it right away. She stomps off to her room with her library books, swings the bag onto her bed and the books fall out onto her foot, she's crying again.

And it has only been 30 minutes since we were supposed to be at playgroup. Ack - two kids just went by with towels! Crossing my fingers for a good naptime.

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