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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clean Sheet Day

When The Eagle & I were first dating, every week we had Tuesday Night dinner while watching Dharma & Greg. While I have lots of favorite show moments, I think the one that sticks in my head the most is from the pilot episode where Dharma cheering in the stands at a baseball game says, "Drive your coffee table to Idaho!" Still makes me laugh thinking about it :)

Dharma was also a fan of "Clean Sheet Day" (the day you change the bed) and we have used that phrase ever since. Lately, Clean Sheet Days have been happening a little too frequently around here. That's because earlier this week we ran out of the Tumbleweed's Pull-ups, prompting yet another attempt to get her to sleep in underwear at night.

The first night seemed to go pretty well, with the Tumbleweed waking up at about 5:30 am to go potty after catching herself before she really wet the bed (getting her underwear only a little damp). This prompted her to think that she can always sleep in underwear.

The next night, she was rudely brought back to reality when she woke up at 4am soaking wet. After changing her clothes and the waterproof mats on her bed she slept the remainder of the night no problem and seemed to completely forget by morning that she had not made it through the night dry.

Each night has gone down hill since the first night resulting in extra bed changes and more & more laundry. Thus my growing dislike of "Clean Sheet Day." After the first night we had replaced the Pull-Ups, but she refuses to wear them. I know, in theory, that she is old enough to make it through the night dry, but the reality is that she is such a heavy sleeper she does not wake up for anything in the middle of the night.

So my dilemma is: do I allow her to sleep in underwear to make her feel "grown-up" and do loads of extra laundry for the foreseeable future - or - do I make her go back to pull-ups making less work for me and having her feel like a "baby" a little bit longer?


Ali said...

I wish I knew the answer or had some great advice, but I don't. Today Luke and I made a big step in the potty training direction…we went to the store and picked out big boy underwear and a new potty. He came home all excited to wear the big boy underwear and peed his pants about an hour after putting them one. So I am only at the very beginning of extra laundry and I know there is MORE to come. Maybe make her a deal, when she wakes up with a dry pull-up for a week, she can try big girl underwear at night again. Everytime she wets the bed in big girl underwear, she has to go back to pull-ups until she is dry for a week? Keep letting her know that this doesn't make her a baby and that this takes longer for master? I don't know worth a shot? Good Luck!

AmyR0618 said...

UGH...I know this dilemma all too well. I can totally sympathize with this struggle. Like Ali, I don't have any great advice either. For now, I have given Katie some reprieve at night and I am not forcing the issue. She also goes back into pull ups when she is on steroids because she loses all control. So, I think the back and forth is confusing for her, but right now, "it is what it is". I can only hope that she will get it eventually. Sorry I am not more help.

Michele said...

Not every child makes enough of the hormone to stop urine production at night. There is no magic age - but most kids do by age 4 or 5. B was just over 6. He was dry during the day starting about 3 but was in pull ups every night. Until we went for a week of dry pull ups, we didn't even try going all night. Sigh. It will happen, but maybe not for a while.