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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Box Tops

The Tumbleweed's latest "obsession" is with taking "Box Tops" to school. I am talking about the little symbols on certain grocery packaging that earns money for her school. Her new school participates in this program and rewards the kids with a prize from the prize box each time they bring in 10 Box Tops. She thinks this is the best thing ever!

She has started taking this so seriously that when we went to the grocery store last week she picked the yogurt that had Box Tops (Dora) over her current favorite (Hannah Montana). It was a great math lesson as she tallied how many Box Tops we had in the cart as we went up and down the aisles. She was almost offended when we picked things that didn't have them and even told the Dandelion that we weren't buying Cheez-its because they didn't have any. Fortunately she doesn't have the last word when it comes to what goes in the cart.

Everyday as we prepare for school she insists that she has to do a coloring sheet and attach her Box Tops (that's how they turn them in). Fortunately I have been saving Box Tops all summer and haven't run out yet --- that is going to be rough news to break to her, but at this pace I don't think we can eat enough food to keep up with her!

I suppose it could be worse... she is taking an interest in grocery shopping, doing addition, coloring fancy pictures, signing her full name, counting out the Box Tops, and looking forward to getting to school every day.

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Michele said...

Not to give D any ideas, but my mom sends my two her box tops and those of all her neighbors. Sounds like everyone saves them for us, but mom snags them on recycle day. She walks along the neighborhood stealing bits of cardbord from recycle bins! She sends a huge bag each month that way. hehe