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Saturday, September 5, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Week 11

Week of August 29, 2009

Theme of the Week: Here, There & Everywhere! We really got around this week --- Western Mass, Cape Cod, Providence --- we certainly spent a fair share of time in the car. We saw lots of friends an had a lot of fun, but boy was it tiring! Only one more week before we have our full fall schedule.

Saturday: We took the long drive out to visit friends in Western Mass for a cookout. It was the first time they got to meet the Dandelion and the first time we got to meet their new baby. Fortunately, the rain that canceled the Tumbleweed's morning soccer game was nowhere to be found 'out west'.

Sunday: The Eagle had the Cranberry Country Triathlon. The kids & I were supposed to go, but decided at the last minute to change the plan to make for an easier day. Instead, the kids and I joined everyone at Nana & Papa's for the post-race dinner and spent the night.

Monday: We spent the day down around the Cape. First Papa took the kids swimming & kayaking at the Pine Hills. Then the kids & I drove to Hyannis to stop at a scrapbook store before meeting up with everyone else to take Nana out for a birthday dinner at the Chart Room. After dinner we headed home to sleep in our own beds.

Tuesday: Off to the zoo. The kids & I went to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence with friends. The Tumbleweed was super excited to find out that they had a butterfly exhibit and that was definitely her favorite part. Both kids were challenging at times, but seemed to do a little better with their friends along.

Wednesday: A little closer to home, with grocery shopping, berry picking and karate on the agenda for the day. We had lots of fun at the berry patch, picking a whole bunch of raspberries and even some more blueberries. Then it was off to the Dandelion's make up karate class. It was only two kids (and not the one who was afraid of cameras). He really came to life as he interacted with the teacher and class materials.

Thursday: We got out the door nice & early for walking group (yay!). Then it was off to the playground in a neighboring town where we were meeting our MOMS friends. It was more crowded that I would have thought, but the kids had a blast. The Tumbleweed spent a lot of time on the swing, and even the Dandelion spent time swinging! In the afternoon the Tumbleweed had gymnastics and got her first two blisters on her hands - she was so proud, until one popped while she buckled her seatbelt.

Friday: With the Dandelion's check-up in the morning & nap in the afternoon, we didn't venture far. In the evening the Tumbleweed had soccer clinic and then we went out to dinner. With the Dandelion's track record of eating, we didn't order him anything figuring he might eat a few french fries but not much else. But for the third night in a row, he decided to eat! My BBQ burger was his target - and he really seemed to like it!

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