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Thursday, September 17, 2009


The Tumbleweed read has really grown as a reader over the past few months. Her willingness to try to sound out words and confidence to read new books has greatly improved. She does not give up when she doesn't get it the first time, and sometimes asks for help (which she used to refuse).

With her increased appetite for reading, combined with the fact that she has memorized most of the books we own, I figured that we had better start getting to the library more often. So, off to the library we went.

Once we were there, I found out that age kids can get their own library card is 4. The Tumbleweed was delighted. She wrote her full name on the application, and since the lines were so small, dictated her address and phone number to me to fill out. We had spent some time this summer working on learning them, and I was really proud of her for getting it all right.

With her library card in hand, she went and picked out some books to take home. She told everyone in the children's section "I am four and a half, and I just got my own library card! [jumping up & down]" She even picked out a Thomas story "to read to my brother". She was so proud when the librarian scanned all of her books & told her that she needed to bring them back in three weeks.

Now, we still need to work on our library etiquette, as the Dandelion was running up & down the aisles and the Tumbleweed was not really using her "library voice", but otherwise it went pretty well.

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