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Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of School 2009

The Tumbleweed was very excited for her first day of school at her new school. She is attending five days a week in the afternoons this year, so when she excitedly woke up at 5:30 am she still had quite a while to wait!

At her previous school, the parents were invited to stay for the first day (orientation), so we got to spend time in the classroom, seeing the kids interact and visiting with the teachers & other parents. But this year, her school had a parent meeting prior to the first day, so we just watched her hang her bag on her hook and take a seat in the circle before heading home for nap time. She was very independent & matter-of-fact about the whole process. Very grown up.

And even when I picked her up, she was very nonchalant about everything. I didn't really get much window into how the day went.

me: "How was school?"
her: "It was good"
me: "What was the best part?"
her: "Everything"
me: "What types of things did you do?"
her: "You know, school things"

Maybe someday soon I will find out what they do at school every day!

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