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Sunday, September 13, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Week 12

The Final Week - Week of September 5, 2009

Theme of the Week: The Home Stretch. This week was a combination of things around the house, shopping for the final back-to-school items, and squeezing in a few more special activities before school & activities start.

Saturday: Kind of a boring day - laundry, lawn mowing & dishes. The kids spent time hanging out with Daddy before he left on his business trip to Israel. Then it was just the 3 of us for most of the week.

There's nothing like doing laundry in a tutu

Sunday: The Sunday paper came with several reasons to get out of the house to shop, so the kids & I headed out to find some deals at AC Moore. We got a cool Crayola crayon tower that provided entertainment all week. Then we were off to the grocery store before heading home for nap time.

Monday: What do people with no plans do on Labor Day? Go shopping! The kids and I spent most of the day at home, but went to "Apple House" [what Cameron calls Applebee's] for dinner and then did some shopping afterward. I still failed to find the navy blue Mary Janes for the Tumbleweed... argh. I wish she hadn't outgrown her old ones!

Tuesday: Today was not a good potty day, but aside from that we had a good time at walking group and Bounce open play. The Dandelion enjoyed playing with his little buddy Ariana during the Tumbleweed's gymnastics class. After gymnastics, we had a fun - although a little chaotic - HOOTs & HOWLs dinner with our MOMS friends at the local pizza place.

Wednesday: Today was supposed to be the first morning of our Y classes, but we had our MOMS Club social at the same time so we went to that instead. After the social it was off to Walmart - where I found the navy blue shoes! Who knew that would be so hard? I had a meeting at the Tumbleweed's school that evening, and with the Eagle away we had a sitter for the evening. I don't think I have ever looked forward to attending a meeting as much as I was looking forward to these two hours without kids.

Thursday: I had one last special treat planned before summer wrapped up... a trip to Bitty Fun Day at the American Girl Store. Fortunately we left the house on time because we got to sit in some traffic - making us the last ones to arrive. It was a bit difficult to manage the Dandelion during storytime, but the Tumbleweed really enjoyed it. Afterward we spent some time at the mall playspace to get some of the Dandelion's pent-up energy out before driving home --- and straight to gymnastics practice.

The Dandelion's doll was a store loaner

Friday: Rain, rain, go away! Our playground playdate was canceled, so we got to attend the first Toddler music & movement class. For once the Tumbleweed had to sit in the waiting room while her brother took a class. She was pretty good, but did spend a lot of time talking to the dance teacher in the office. The Eagle returned from his business trip and much of the afternoon was spent wondering if we could hold soccer practice. In the end, it was good thing we moved practice a little earlier because we got about 20-25 minutes of playing in that we wouldn't have otherwise.

Saturday: Another rained out soccer game & canceled scrapbooking class actually made life a little easier. We had lots of family fun at the Thomas the Tank Engine events at Toys R Us and AC Moore. At the Y, both kids enjoyed family swim - with the Dandelion swimming with floaties by himself for a few seconds and the Tumbleweed doing her biggest cannonballs off the side and demonstrating how she can put her face in the water.

Sunday: Finally a soccer day without rain! The Tumbleweed had a great time at the clinic put on by the high school team & coaches. She played great in the scrimmage, despite being held by the shirt by one of the kids on the other team, and registered 19 mph twice on the radar gun - one of the best in our group. I spent the rest of the day doing the final preparations for all of our activities, including school, which start tomorrow... labeling things, doing laundry, laying out clothes, packing backpacks for each activity and doing a "back to school photo shoot" with each kid out in the yard.

And that is the end of summer vacation... time to go back to school!

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