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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall Schedule

At various times during Labor Day weekend I was able to catch parts of the SuperNanny marathon. Once again, I found some inspiration and decided to make a schedule for our activities. It will help the kids to know what we are doing each day, keep me organized and help the Eagle know what our plans are for the day.

So after spending a bit of time searching for clip-art, and finally resorting to my own pictures for some things, the Tumbleweed & I put together the chart and hung it on the kitchen wall. It has been up for a few days and she has been checking it regularly. On Saturday, she helped me re-set it for the coming week and was later quoted as saying "Daddy, my swimming starts on Wednesday" when he told her after swimming that maybe she could "start swimming lessons again soon".

While the clip art/picture process was a little time consuming the rest of the chart is very simple. I found a dry erase calendar at Staples. I printed out the activities & their pictures and covered them with clear packing tape to make them more durable. Finally, I added some Velcro dots to the chart and the back of the activities. For the special events, I just used Post-It note stars. Here is what it looks like:

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