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Friday, September 4, 2009

Two Years (and two months)

The Dandelion had his two year check-up today, which worked out well because I was able to leave the Tumbleweed at home and the Dandelion got to have a solo trip to the doctor for once. He came in at 24.6 lbs and 34 inches (10th percentile & 20th percentile, respectively), which was less of concern to the Nurse Practitioner than I had expected. I was pleased to talk to someone other than our doctor - always nice to have a second opinion, but I often don't care for our doctor's attitude. No shots this time, but he had the finger prick lead test and blood drawn to check for Celiacs (something our doctor wouldn't do before, despite my request).

He was such a trooper! He never cried about the finger prick and only let out a small whimper during the blood draw. It was so much easier than the last visit when I had to hold each kid while they got their shots - I don't know which one was harder, but they egged each other on and it was no fun.

Actually the solo visit was nice on so many levels --- I filled out all of the paperwork before they called our name, I didn't take the stroller in and I was able to talk without being interrupted by the Tumbleweed trying to tell the doctor her life's story. And I remembered to ask for the school forms.

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