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Friday, October 2, 2009

Toddler Classes

I am failing in my quest to find the appropriate class for the Dandelion to learn how to listen, follow instructions, interact with other kids and have fun learning a particular activity.

Last year we did gymnastics, which was mildly successful by the end of the year, but for the most part was a lot of me chasing and him doing things other than what the class was doing. In the spring we did swimming, which he seemed to be 50/50 about. Some days it was good and he tried "scoopers" and kicking, and some days he yelled and wrestled and tried to climb out and run away. Either way, because of me needing to carry him in the water he wasn't really going to gain much independence or learn to wait his turn. This summer we started a karate class, which he really enjoys, but it is very "free flowing" and there isn't really much in the way of learning to follow the leader or do what the instructor says.

Which brings us to the fall, and since he was now two he could try a few classes that he couldn't before... One is "Toddler Time" (at the Y) which structured like preschool but shorter & parents stay. The Tumbleweed loved this class and thrived in it. He is not interested and he spends most of his time trying to run out the door. He doesn't want to sit in the circle & sing songs, he is mildly interested in the craft, but at least he eats the snack. The other is a Music & Movement Class (at a local dance studio) which includes finger plays, follow the leader & parachute activities. He is not totally into this either, despite knowing almost all of the other kids in the class. He has some moments where he seems very interested, but if he has to wait his turn he loses interest before he gets a chance to go or I have to sit and hold him in place while he squirms (in an attempt to show him that he will eventually get a turn).

The Dandelion has snack at Toddler Time and does "Finger Poppin" at Music & Movement... which proves he can sit still, at least briefly

So at this point he really seems to enjoy his "School" class (which is mostly unstructured, although the only one where I leave him), playgroup (as long as I don't try to make him sit for storytime) and karate, and I am left trying to decide whether it is worth a little struggle in the "structured" classes so he will learn some of the life skills that he needs (how to wait his turn, stop/freeze and follow directions) and how much "struggling" is appropriate. I know it takes some time for kids to learn the expectations of a class, and I don't want to give up if he just catches on a little slower than the other kids... but I also don't want to force him to do a particular activity or have him be disruptive in class.

Will I ever figure this kid out?!? What does he like to do? How do I teach him that he will get a turn if he waits in line? When will I be able to trust him enough to let him walk next to me with out holding my hand? Is he going to protest circle time when he starts preschool?

Oh, little escape artist, please give me a sign!

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Michele said...

Boys are different learners - they need to move around more and be more physical. It is still very early for him to be sitting still for class.

I had B in story time and music for multiple sessions before he settled down, but he still could sing the songs and tell what the stories were about. Consistancy was key for him - he was at story time every Wed for many months before he'd sit through the whole thing (and nearly 3).