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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jingle Bells, in October?!?

This morning we awoke to chilly temperatures and little white flakes falling from the sky. Apparently, to the kids this was one of the most exciting things that could have happened. The Tumbleweed instantly started singing "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells..." and before long continued into "I love snow, I love snow, everyone do - es... hey!..."

When the skipping and dancing died down, and breakfast had been eaten, we gathered the winter clothes from all corners of the house and made our way out into the snow. The Tumbleweed was skipping & hopping all over the yard. The Dandelion was a bit unsure. Last winter he played in the snow only a few times for a few minutes, so this year is going to be his first true introduction into snow. I think he appreciated it more looking out the window than he did when he was outside in it.

That brings me to some thoughts on winter clothing... As we begin my 5th winter dressing the kids, I am starting to develop a list of "must haves". I am sure it will evolve each year, but here is the current list...

The Obvious: Snow Clothes

1. Winter Parka/Heavy Coat - with hood. This year I lucked out finding a coat for the Dandelion at the clothing swap. Last year I got a snowsuit for the Tumbleweed at the swap, but this year we needed to buy one, and I found a good deal on a 4-in-1 jacket at JCPenney (size 6X - which I hope will mean she can wear it for 2 years)

2. Snow Pants - which I now buy in black, so they can be handed down.

3. Hats - the kinds that tie on are best, as even velcro can be pulled off. Having 2 or 3 per kid is helpful so you don't have to search the house for one that has gone missing.

4. Mittens - nearly pointless until age three, but I keep trying. Once again, multiple pairs are helpful.

5. Snow Boots - must haves for those big snows (buy as late as possible - and as big as manageable - to try to get multiple seasons out of them)

The Outdoor Extras:

1. Fleece Jackets - good for medium weather days, as well as for car rides where big coats are too bulky.

2. Hiking Boots - must haves for the slushy, muddy, wet days. Also great for hiking in the fall & spring. A good option when there isn't enough snow to need the big boots, but you don't want to ruin other shoes.

3. Wind Pants/cargo pants - waterproof, lined pants in dark colors. Good for questionable weather, chilly soccer games, early spring trips to the playground, etc. [For those of you with girls - check the boys section for these! Most stores have them in black, brown and navy which work just fine with pink & purple shirts. I have found that girls sections seem to have them in light, dirt showing colors - cute, but not as practical.]

Other Go-to items:

1. Turtlenecks/long sleeve tees - in solid colors (I usually get a couple in white & black). These are great wardrobe stretchers when put under short sleeve tees and summer dresses.

2. Tights/leggings (for girls) - for girls who like to still wear skirts & dresses in the cool weather these are must haves!

...and of course sweaters, sweatshirts, slippers, fuzzy jammies, fleece lined jeans, thick socks, sweatpants, flannel sheets, bathrobes, and blankets are also good when trying to keep warm!

What are your key winter items?

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