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Thursday, October 22, 2009


The Dandelion has been pretty good at identifying a few symbols/logos for a while. Of course he knows the logos for "Cars" and "Thomas & Friends", his two favorite things. He also knows "Dunkin' Donuts", "Starbucks" and "McDonalds", whether we see the sign on the road, a delivery truck, billboard, or even a person with a coffee cup. But lately he has added a few more...

Mazda logo (little metal insignia on the back of a car) = "Daddy's Car"
Volkswagon logo (VW in a circle shape) = "Sophia's car"
Addidas logo (three lines in a triangle shape) = "soccer"
YMCA logo (Y on the sign) = "karate"

He has also started to notice things in the world around us while we are driving, pointing out stop signs (Octagons) and gas stations ("We get Gas?") and soccer fields ("Soccer game?") whenever we pass them. He generally asks to go "this way" or "that way" or to go home or to go back to wherever we have just been (library, gymnastics, school, a friends house, etc).

He and the Tumbleweed have also had some cute exchanges with him copying her when she says she is "four and a half". After a couple of times getting angry, she set out to teach him that he is "two and a quarter" and he has just started picking up on it. This week he has actually told other people his first and last name, "I two and a quarter" and "I a boy"... all of which are things the Tumbleweed has been trying to teach him. I guess I don't need to get her a pet bird, she has a little copycat for a brother!

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