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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Weekend

Despite the onset of colds, we went to my parents this weekend as planned. We took in my mom's photography show at the Image City Photography Gallery, where she is a Guest Photographer this month. We all thought it was pretty neat to see her work featured with the other artists. And, fortunately for everyone there was a playground right next to the gallery, so we were able to keep the kids happy & stay a little longer.

On Sunday we all went to a nearby Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch. It was the first year of business for this location (Stonewood & Waters - Rush, NY), and they did a great job. The kids had a great time in the maze and it was the perfect length for our kids (and a bargain at $3/person!). The Tumbleweed was completely into finding the clues, and the Dandelion enjoyed following her and ducking into the corn rows where grown-ups didn't fit. Afterward the kids played in the corn crawl, did the tube slides on "Pee-Yew Peak" and we all went for a hayride. The hayride was beautiful as you could see much of the surrounding area at the top of the hill. Before we left we bought a pumpkin - $3/pumpkin! - I should have gotten 2!

The rest of the time we spent around the house, playing with our old toys (MarbleWorks) and other hand-me downs (Take-long Thomas Trains) that my parents have collected. Each time a "new" toy appeared, it was almost like Christmas morning.

The kids also did some projects with Grandma & Grandpa, including harvesting veggies from the garden, using the drill press, making applesauce and feeding the cats. And most importantly - the Eagle & I got to go to a movie --- We definitely recommend seeing Couples Retreat. We had a nice time :)

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Ali said...

ooo, Mike and I want to see that movie! Sounds like you had a great weekend.