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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Last week the Tumbleweed's school was chosen as the "My School Forecast" on the NECN Morning Show. If you missed it - here is the 6:41am My School Forecast. The Tumbleweed intently watched the weather all morning, and was super excited to hear her name on TV.

She was even more excited to share the weather report at school! All morning she practiced saying "cum -u -lus" so she could tell the other kids about the clouds in the 7:41am forecast. (The Dandelion also practiced a new word - "meteor-nol-gist"). After spending some time looking at the sky and identifying the cumulus clouds (puffy ones that make shapes), she noticed that there were other kinds of clouds there too, specifically the ones that looked like feathers. So, off to Barnes & Noble we went to look for a book about clouds.

At school, her teachers brought all of the classes together to watch a DVD of the weather report. Afterward, Daniela was the class meteorologist for the day and put the weather icons on the bulletin board. She also took in her new book and showed the class about cumulus, cirrus & stratus clouds. At recess, her teacher said all of the kids were finding shapes in the sky. It was a perfect day for watching clouds - even the Dandelion & I looked at the clouds from the car while we waited in the pick-up line!

Even a week later she is surprising people with her cloud knowledge! It just goes to show you that teaching moments can happen at anytime and you have to take advantage of them when you can! Thanks Matt!

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