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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wet & Wild 4th of July!

This year we spent the Fourth close to home. The Eagle was back in town for the weekend after lots of travel for his new job, so it was nice to have some family time.

We started out the morning at the Millbury Independence Day Road Race. It was a 2.5 mile (or 2.3, depending on what description you read) run through town. Since they had no rule about strollers (I guess no one had asked before?) the Eagle ran with the Dandelion in the stroller, and the Tumbleweed and I ran alongside them. The Tumbleweed paced us, stopping to walk when she needed to. We all crossed the finish line together near the end - but were not last either :)

We spent the rest of the day at Nana & Papa's house, where the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing in the kiddie pool. They took turns splashing each other, pouring water on each other, "swimming" (laying on their stomachs), jumping in & out and "fishing" (with a little toy game).

When they were done with pool and changed into clothes, the water fun didn't stop. The Tumbleweed wanted to water Nana's flowers with the hose, and since the Dandelion couldn't be left out, he started chasing her. So she sprayed him with the hose. "Daddy, I don't know what happened but his clothes are all wet" Oh well, he loved it, so I guess it didn't matter too much.

The irony was that later the Tumbleweed was at the edge of the pond (aka - golf course water hazard) tossing in rocks and fell in with all of her clothes on. She wasn't too pleased about that, but I suppose it was the universe telling her not to soak her brother with the hose :)

Two year old cute moment of the day:
The Dandelion saw Nana deliver me a brownie sundae bowl with a birthday candle, so he went over to her and said "my burfday, too. I ha eye kweem?" She gave him a bowl of ice cream, but that didn't make him happy. We finally achieved satisfaction when he said "candle" between tears, and we gave it to him. He then proceeded to repeatedly lick his ice cream off of it. Strange.

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