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Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Coach Pole"

Today was the last day of soccer camp, which the Tumbleweed absolutely loved! ["We have to go back next week and the week after that!" she said when we left... there isn't camp next week, sorry kiddo.]

Her favorite game was "Grumpy Old Troll", which she called "The Dora Game". I am not really sure the British coaches got her reference, but most moms of preschoolers probably would have. They played the game the first day, and each day afterward she insisted they had to play it --- and for some reason they did, even keeping the kids late on Tuesday to prevent her from crying... I guess she had them wrapped around her finger!

So today, as we left the field I was asking her about what she did today and mentioned something to the effect of "When Coach Paul had you ..." and she stopped me mid-sentence with "No Mommy, it's Coach Pole" I could hardly stop laughing! She got mad that I laughed. I guess that is her interpretation of his name said with a British accent.

Being chased by "the grumpy old troll"

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