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Saturday, July 25, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Week 5

Week of July 18, 2009

Theme of the week: Back to Basics. This week we spent a lot of time around the house doing projects & playing outside.

Saturday: Project day. I had high hopes for the day, but in the end I started more things than I finished. The kids had lots of fun outside playing in the sprinkler pool & water table. We had an awesome grilled dinner (from the recent Rachael Ray magazine) out on the deck.

Sunday: Another day of projects --- cleaning out my car, weeding the garden, laundry... The Eagle occupied the kids much of the day so I could get things done - the Tumbleweed got to ride her bike at the track while the Dandelion napped. Later they returned the pop bottles to the grocery store and then got to play in the bouncy house to tire them out before bed.

A haircut for the Tumbleweed before gymnastics, then grocery shopping. In the afternoon we went to one of the special summer events at the Y --- Alice in Wonderland Tea Party. It was very cute! The Dandelion was back to his old tricks, not wanting to stay in child watch. Looks like we have to start over with that now that he is in the 2 year old room.

Tuesday: Rain. We headed to Pump It Up for their open play - boy is it crowded in the summer! Both kids also got to work on their new summer workbooks, which are a favorite rainy day activity. The Tumbleweed particularly enjoys workbook time and the Dandelion doesn't want to be left out, so I got him one too!

Wednesday: Movie Time, Take #2. We did much better this time, but it still wasn't easy. Dance class also went better. That is, the Dandelion did much better in the waiting room. I finally got a good picture!

Thursday: Crazy beyond crazy day! We went to an open house at a new place that the Dandelion could go to "school" at in the fall (they have a toddler drop off program to help bridge to preschool). Then gymnastics & home for lunch & packing, then off to the Farmer's Market with the MOMS Club. Then we hit the road for a trip to Grandma & Grandpa's house.

Friday: Around Honeoye Falls. I took the kids to some of the places I went as a kid - the Mendon Public Library & Dipper Dan's (we attempted the playground, but it started to pour). We also went to visit both Grandma & Grandpa's work.

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