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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Massive Undertaking

A - Kids make messes.
B - Kids ride in the car.

If A and B are both true, what is the probability that the car is messy? 100%

It isn't really a secret that my car has that "lived-in" look. Okay, it is a disaster most of the time. This afternoon I finally had time to clean it out. I literally took everything out, including the car seats, and vacuumed and wiped the surfaces. In the end, I had a full trash bag and an overflowing laundry basket of "stuff" that had moved in and taken up residence in my car.

Among the squatters...

5 hats
3 soccer balls
4 Lightning McQueen cars (poor Sally was getting lonely in the house!)
11 books (not counting coloring books)
8 shoes - all the Dandilion's
13 socks - only 2 pairs (no wonder I have a bunch of socks without partners)
5 bouncy balls - probably from all of the birthday party goody bags that never made it into the house.
31 crayons - including 6 broken ones
1 school of crunched goldfish crackers - we had a big spill last week

So those things - and a bunch of other stuff - have been sent back to their rightful homes and my car is at least 25lbs lighter (more if you count the fact that I had the double jogger in the car and haven't put it back yet).

Now, how do I teach the kids not to turn an empty bag of crackers over and shake the crumbs out to prove that they are gone?


Ali said...

That's why I'm a big fan of the snack cup. Although I don't suppose nothing would stop Daniella from taking the lid off and dumping the crumbs. But the cup does help keep the snack whole instead of crumbs unlike in a bag. I like this one best

Cristin said...

Just wait until you take the cover off the car seat - there are tons of treasures in there that don't come out. In the minivan, the seats come out, so I have the grates in the floor that have ground in "stuff" that the commercial vacuum won't remove.
I found all 8 pair of Scarlett's shoes this week when I cleaned out.
It's just sickning! And I'm right there with you on the "lived in" look!