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Monday, July 27, 2009

Things Change

It is strange to think back to the things that were once a part of your everyday life and realize that they are completely different. The kids and I went to my parents for the weekend, and despite the fact that we visit a few times every year, it seemed like a lot of things have changed while I wasn't looking.

As we drove around town, I noticed lots of things that are different... They had removed one playground and had completely remodeled another (making it MUCH better). We stopped into the library, and while it was mostly as I remembered it, it won't be for long - they are going to be building a brand new library over the next two years. Thankfully Dipper Dan's (the local ice cream place) is exactly the same, but across the street what was once corn fields is now home to a bank, pharmacy, brewery, Family Dollar store and there is more going in.

At home (where my parents have lived since I was 1) the most noticeable change is that my parents had to take down the cherry tree that was outside my bedroom window growing up. The house looks different from the front for sure, but I think the thing that seemed the strangest to me was looking out of the bedroom window and not seeing it. We will miss it though --- it was great for taking pictures under. The Eagle & I had our engagement photos taken there - as were our first communion photos and various other special occasions through the years.

The other notable thing that has been gone for years but I didn't realize until this trip, was the hook & eye that was on the screen door to the garage while we were growing up. Since we were little my parents have gotten air conditioning in the house and keep the doors closed on the hot days in the summer, but I still recall the days when all of the windows & doors were open in the house with the breeze blowing through was the only way to cool off. We could have used that hook to keep the Dandelion inside a few times this weekend!

[Insert flashback to the days of the gravel driveway, a swingset in the back yard, two Astro minivans and Cricket & Scooter]

Despite all of the things that have changed, some things are just as I remember them... the falls are still falling, the fire trucks are all yellow, there are white lines on the sides of all the roads, and people still drink 'pop'.

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Ali said...

That was one of the things that I never picked up while I lived in Rochester, calling "soda", "Pop". I remember hearing my roommate (she's from buffalo) calling it "pop" for the first time. I didn't know what the hell she was talking about at first. LOL good times.