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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"No, I wanna time out!"

The Dandelion knows how to climb over the family room gate. I think he sees it as a challenge to find a way over it when I have tried to remove everything he could stand on to get over (he needs about 1"-2" of a boost).

Today was no exception. He used a green chair to clear the gate, and appeared at my side quite proud. I sent him to Time Out (in the living room chair). He sat there contently and said "Sorry, climb my gate" to get up. I put him back in the family room.

A few minutes later he appeared again. He walked straight to Time Out and sat down. A couple minutes later I went over for my apology, which he gave, and put him over the gate again. He was not happy. I reminded him that it was almost naptime and he ran to the other side of the room.

The break was short lived, as I heard the gate rattle a couple of minutes later. I caught him about halfway over, picked him up and said "Okay Buddy, it's naptime". Instant tantrum... "No, I wanna Time Out!"

I might have to rethink the Time Out location, the penalty for climbing the gate, or maybe the gate altogether.

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