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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peter Cottontail

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail...

This year there seems to be a little confusion regarding the Easter Bunny's duties. Today Grandma asked the Tumbleweed, via video chat, if the Easter Bunny was going to hide anything tonight. "No, Grandma" she answered "He doesn't hide anything, he puts stuff in our baskets, silly!" We went around in circles, and she is positive that the Easter Bunny doesn't hide anything. I am curious to see her reaction in the morning - I am guessing she will think the bunny stole her basket.

Anyway, last night I sent the Tumbleweed & the Eagle off to go swimming at the Y while the Dandilion and I went to Target & Michael's to do some last minute shopping. I never wait until two days before a holiday to shop! I have no idea where the time went, but somehow I got totally behind and now that the Tumbleweed is too old for me to shop while she is around, it has been practically impossible to make up the lost time. And, as I expected, going shopping on Good Friday is not the way to catch up. Instead it took much longer - crowded aisles, picked over selection, lots of indecision, and long check out lines. Oh well, next year I will be motivated not to put off my shopping!

So what will be in the eggs this year?

For the Dandilion: raisins, bunny snacks, Cars®, socks, Wow Wow Wubbsy toys, band-aids, stickers, crayons

For the Tumbleweed: ponytail holders, sidewalk chalk, socks, underwear, stickers, paper clips, Kelly Doll, Wow Wow Wubbsy toys, gummy bears, flower seeds

For the Eagle: a coach's whistle, Tylenol, individual sugar-free Propel packets

I better get hoppin! I still have some toys to pick up before the bunny gets here!

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