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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dinner Notes

Tidbits from tonight's dinner...

~The Dandilion saw the vegetables on the table right away and asked for "veb-a-bles". Which of course he got.

~The Tumbleweed dropped her fork on the floor, but didn't care and just went on using her hands as if that was acceptable. She didn't appreciate being corrected, and pointed out that the Dandilion was using his hands for the same food. Miss Smarty Pants did not earn points for this argument.

~The Dandilion didn't drop his fork at all. Usually he drops at least one, and unless he intentionally throws it, he gets another one to practice with (he actually does pretty well with a fork - not so good at spoons though)

~The Dandilion ate four helpings of vegetables. He is very cute when he says "veb-a-bles, peeeez". We had his favorite mix - carrots, edamame, sugar snap peas & black beans. He likes all of them. The Tumbleweed will only eat the sugar snap peas & carrots.

~The Tumbleweed washed her hands after dinner and then decided to wash the bathroom sink for me. She was so proud to show me the "sparkling" (wet) counters. It was the thought that counts :)

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