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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Adventures in Cooking

It has been a while since I put some actual thought into dinner. A few nights ago, I was in search of a new pork chop recipe to use some of the pork chops from the freezer. I wasn't very successful (I made tacos instead), but I did find a couple of pork recipes that sounded good but required a pork roast (which I didn't have).

I committed to memory that I should by a pork roast the next time it went on sale... which just so happened to be this week. So after spotting it in the sale paper, I looked up the rest of the ingredients for one of the recipes and put them on the grocery list. So, tonight we had...

"Pork Spagettini" from Everyday with Rachael Ray, March 2008.

I suppose with my own modifications it should really be called "Pork Linguini" because that's what I used (I also didn't add the mushrooms). It was quite an economical dinner as well - here's a little cost analysis...

1 lb boneless pork loin roast - $2.99/lb (I divided a 2lb roast in two and froze the other half)
1 can chicken broth - $.50 (from the pantry - bought on sale at 2 for $1)
2/3 box of linguini (box was $1)
1 bunch of scallions - $.66
1/3 lb snow peas - $.93

plus a little soy sauce, vegetable oil & garlic that we already had

...for a total of about $6 for the four of us, and there is enough left over for a lunch (it serves 4, but combined the Tumbleweed & the Dandilion eat about 1 serving).

It was well liked, not to hard to make and cost effective... I guess I should plan ahead for dinner more often. Well, it is great when it works out, but tomorrow I will probably be back to normal... that is, thinking about what to make for dinner when I need to already be cooking it. At least my "inner chef" comes out once in a while, right?

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StrollerFit - Northbridge, MA said...

this sounds good. We shre recipes all the time and I am always looking for new ones