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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Socks Without Partners

After weeks of searching for a pair of socks every morning, I finally tackled the kids sock drawers today. And after adding in the socks from four loads of kid laundry, I have 26 socks left.

26 socks. No matches. Red, green, purple, blue, pink, black, tan, polka dotted, frilly, with characters & of course, plain white. Every size from 6-12 months through 4/5 years (which is so kindly printed on the bottom with grippy plastic).

Did the washing machine claim some? Are they under the couch or behind the crib? How could we lose 26 socks?

26 socks without partners. So sad. I feel bad tossing them, so I will give them another month to find their mates before I give up. Maybe now that they are all together they will have more luck.

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Cristin said...

Don't feel bad, feel lucky, I have 2 - 13 gal trash bags full of mismatches that some how got out of control somewhere along the way. At this point, I am considering donation to the school for sock puppets. And one garment bag just for socks in upcoming washes.